13 weeks on the Eat to Live Diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and I still have weight loss results despite not doing enough meal prep this week.  Becoming a nutritarian is a journey and I committed to making this a lifestyle since day 1..  The guidelines are easy to follow rules breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check out my before and after photos! #eattolive #nutritarian #vegan #beforeandafter #successstories #drfuhrman #forksoverknives #wfpb #wholefoodplantbased

This week I didn’t have quite as much weight loss, but after reviewing my journal it is easy to see why. I ate out at restaurants WAY too much this week. I didn’t prepare with enough food to grab on the go and let some stressful days get the best of my decision making….

Holy Guacamole….

Plus, I’m getting a little crazy on the avocados. While healthy & fiber rich, they also have a very high concentration of fat! There are a couple days where I ate probably at LEAST 2-3 avocados or more by myself through guacamole…. UG! It’s my weakness!

Unfortunately, there was one day this week that I also let my stress get the best of me. My oldest son had a lot of missing assignments and was failing a class! I still don’t know how he got so behind because he is normally on top of his assignments. But when I saw his grades & was asking him about his missing assignments, I couldn’t get anything out of him and was having a hard time getting information from his teacher and the six weeks was about to end! AUGH.

That’s the day my car somehow ended up in a Chick-fil-a Drive through. And I didn’t order a salad.

I’m still an emotional eater

I still struggle with emotional eating. It’s probably something I’m going to have to be very aware of the rest of my life. Up to this point I’ve been able to keep it at bay with preparation and keeping junk out of my house, but I didn’t have enough prepared foods this week and that really did make a difference in that moment of weakness.

Happily, I did finally connect with my son’s teacher and get him into tutoring to catch him up. Thank goodness.

Before and After Photos (12 weeks)

So I hadn’t shared this with everyone yet and this was actually right after Week 12. Even though I still have some weight to lose, I’m super proud of my progress. I haven’t been able to lose this much weight, this easily in over 4 years! It’s like the weight has just melted off. And if you have been following my journey, you KNOW I haven’t been perfect. Which makes this diet even better. You can screw up a little and still lose weight or at least not gain it all back! My oldest son and husband have lost weight too, 15 pounds & 7 pounds respectively.

before and after photo results on the eat to live diet after 12 weeks I've lost 16 pounds

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Eat to Live Food Journal Week 13

Day 85: 148.1 pounds to start

Day 86:

I had a stressful day today and let my emotions get the better of me….

  • Breakfast – Everything Bagel Avocado Toast topped w/Arugula coffee w/unsweetened Almond milk
  • Lunch – Chick-fil-a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Fries, & Unsweet Tea….I still have my moments of emotional eating
  • Dinner – Panda Express – 2 Veggie Spring Rolls & chow mein….while still vegan, this was very high in oil & sodium….

Day 87:

Holy Guacamole! I think I have an addiction to avocado…

Day 88:

Day 89:

Day 90:

Day 91:

  • Breakfast – Everything Bagel Avocado Toast topped w/Arugula; strawberries, black grapes, coffee w/unsweetened Almond milk
  • Snack – Homemade trail mix (nuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, carob chips, – all unsalted and raw)
  • Lunch – McAlister’s Deli – Veggie Sandwich on 9 grain bread (no mayo) & fruit cup
  • Dinner – Fresco’s – Pina Colada (sugar oh my!!), black beans, steamed veggies, and street corn (had cream & cheese….)

My weight loss on the nutritarian diet this week:

  • Starting weight this week – 148.1 lbs
  • Ending weight this week – 147.8
  • Weight loss this week – 0.3 lbs
  • Total weight loss so far – 16.2 lbs

The fact that I lost a little weight and didn’t gain is an absolute miracle. Restaurant food has SO much added fat and sodium – which is why it tastes so good! There a few times a made better choices, like ordering the McAlister’s veggie sub without mayo, but other times I didn’t, like the street corn that had the cream & cheese….

As far as keeping my oil, animal/dairy, and processed foods to 10% of calories this week, I think I went over due to the oils. It sure doesn’t take much to add up and we don’t even realize it’s happening. It’s like an invisible ingredient and we end up over eating because it’s so addictive. That’s why I still need to just avoid the eating out as much as possible. It’s so much easier to control my environment at home that when I’m out.

Progress not perfection!

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I finally got up the courage to take my before and after weightloss pics, even though my journey isn’t over.  I’m 5’6” and have lost 16 pounds in 3 months, but still have 20 lbs to go.  I hope to be an inspiration to moms and women that need motivation.  You can still lose weight over 40 if you learn how to eat to live. You don’t have to do any extreme dieting or crazy keto.  Eat real whole plant based foods and give your body the nutrition it needs! #beforeandafter #healthyweightloss #eattolive #drfuhrman #healthyvegan #plantbased #wfpb #eattoliverecipes