Here is my Week 18 food journal as I continue my Eat to Live journey of weightloss and healthy eating.  This diet & lifestyle is becoming easy to maintain and simple meal prep recipes helps me to make good choices.  Follow me as I post my meals -  breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & desserts for all to see.  I hope to be an inspiration and provide helpful tips on how to be a healthy vegan!  It’s not all about salad - this week I ate a lot of lentil curry soup.  Protein is not a problem on a whole foods plant based diet. #weightloss #foodjournal #eattolive #nutritarianlife #healthyveganrecipes #nutritarian #forksoverknives #wfpb #drfuhrman

As you will see in this week’s daily food journal entries, I was tested, but able to stay strong and plan ahead. Social functions are where I struggle mightily! My husband and I had not one, but two banquets to attend in one week and guess what they were BOTH serving?

Hint: This is Texas.

Answer: BBQ

Yup, not a single thing that was whole food plant based. Not even green beans, although they probably would have had bacon or ham in it if they did.

Nutritarian Tip: Eat ahead of time

Luckily, BBQ isn’t something I really get excited about eating, so I happily ate ahead of time. I sipped on unsweet tea while I was there so I would have something to “do” while everyone else was eating.

The second banquet had a few baked potatoes for the “vegetarian” or “gluten-free” meals, so I did snag one of those and just put a little pepper and salt on it.

I’m super proud of myself because, I normally would have not eaten beforehand and would have “tried” to eat the best I could. Which usually fails miserably. So score for making the choice to eat ahead!

Mexican food is my krytonite

Mexican food on the other hand is a weakness I haven’t yet mastered, although I’m starting to find more and more good choices at many places like veggie fajitas. However, the spinach enchiladas at On the Border are hard to pass up, but they do have a cream sauce on them. They are like my kryptonite.

My favorite vegan restaurant for Mother’s Day

My other love is Spiral Diner Bakery in Fort Worth, Texas. This is where I chose to go for Mother’s Day. There are a few other locations in this area – Denton & Dallas. I highly recommend it! Every time I go I usually get the Ultimate Nachos. Which is MOSTLY whole food plant based, except the chips have oil in them. I do ask no vegan sour cream, which is most likely oil based. The nacho cheese sauce however is a house-made cashew based sauce and delicious! The Ultimate Nachos is HUGE and I never finish even half of it, but so delicious.

All in all, even with the cream sauce on the enchiladas and tortillas chips, I was able to stay over 90% whole food plant based throughout the week, which is always my goal! I find that keeping this daily food journal helps me to see what I have eaten and make the best choices as possible most of the time. Plus I like seeing all the healthy foods I’m eating so it’s like positive reinforcement!

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Repetition is the key to success on a plant-based diet

You’ll also notice that I ate A LOT of the same thing this week – Red Lentil Curry Soup, Instant Pot Turnip Greens & Turnips, and Brown Basmati Rice. I find that repetition & left overs work really well for me, especially when I find something delicious I love! It helps me save time and not feel like I have to be cooking constantly. I love making a big pot of soup for the week and several servings of brown rice to make meals with. In addition to having vegetables & fruits prepped, that is my meal prep secret!

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nutritarian burrito bowl daily food journal example

Eat to Live Daily Food Journal – Week 18

Day 120: 147.7 pounds to start

Day 121:

Day 122:

Day 123:

  • Breakfast –Everything Bagel Avocado Toast topped w/Arugula, raspberries & blackberries, coffee w/unsweetened Almond milk
    Lunch – Spiral Diner in Fort Worth – my favorite vegan restaurant – Ultimate Nachos, no vegan sour cream (tortilla chips, black beans, quinoa, guacamole, jalapenos, green onions, cashew nacho cheese)
    Dinner – Not hungry after big lunch, just had a peanut butter & smushed blueberries sandwich on whole grain bread

Day 124: Mother’s Day!!!

Day 125:

Day 126:

My weight loss on the nutritarian diet this week:

  • Starting weight this week – 147.7 lbs
  • Ending weight this week – 147.3 lbs
  • Weight loss these 2 weeks – 0.4 lbs
  • Total weight loss so far – 16.7 lbs

So after losing a lot of weight the last 2 weeks, I think I’m back to a more normal pace of about half a pound. I wish it was more, but I have to remind myself it is normal! Plus, I did do a little bit of strength training this week (I want more toned arms…) so maybe I gained some muscle??? Muscle weighs more than fat right???

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How are you doing on your Eat to Live or whole food plant based journey? Comment below!