Finding delicious WFPB no oil salad dressing, cheese sauce, hummus and dips can be challenging, but I’ve found several recipes & store brands I really like.  These dairy free, vegan, whole foods plant based products will rock your world and make healthy clean eating simple and fun!  Check out my list of favorites and get a FREE Nutritarian Grocery Shopping List! #nooil #wfpb #vegan #wholefoodplantbased #eattolive #nutritarian #drfuhrman #forksoverknives

Probably the hardest part of starting a whole food plant based diet is learning that you have to go without oil. I find that is the hang up for most people and it can be a difficult barrier. But don’t worry! Your life will not be without flavor and enjoyment! And you also don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen concocting salad dressings. Although if you want to, there are plenty of homemade recipes on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I haven’t found many homemade no-oil salad dressings that I’ve liked. I’ve ended throwing most of them out.

In this post, I’ve put together a collection of my favorite no-oil dressings & dips. I prefer to find no-oil dressings at the store that taste good so I can save time, but I have included some of the recipes I do like.

Favorite No-Oil Hummus Recipe

no-oil wfpb hummus

However, I do have my favorite homemade No-Oil Hummus. I tried a few versions before this one and it is the BOMB! I literally make a batch each week and eat it daily. I’ll put it on whole grain tortillas and make veggie wraps or just dip my favorite raw veggies in it.

Recently, I started making veggie “quesadillas” where I put some of my no-oil hummus on a whole grain tortilla, then some veggies like spinach, onions, and sautéed mushrooms (or whatever I’ve got), and then a small sprinkling of non-dairy cheese. Easy on the cheese! It’s calorie dense. Then I fold it over carefully and place on a skillet over medium heat. I toast it for about 3-4 minutes then carefully flip and toast 3-4 minutes on the other side until lightly browned. YUM!

Favorite No-Oil Balsamic Vinaigrettes & Vinegars

balsamic vinegar

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There are a few that I rotate through in this category of balsamic flavored vinegars & vinaigrettes. You really want to make sure you go with a no-oil balsamic vinaigrette and not even use the reduced fat version. It still has a lot of extra fat & calories. “The fat you eat is the fat you wear” – Dr. McDougall. My 2 favorite balsamic dressings are Maple Grove Fat-Free & Cindy’s Kitchen Fat Free. I buy the Maple Grove at Kroger and Cindy’s Kitchen at Whole Foods.

I also like to use a nice balsamic glaze when I’m doing a veggie wrap because it is a lot less messy than the vinaigrettes or vinegars. It also doesn’t take much. It is a bit more concentrated sugar-wise, so make sure you don’t use more than 2-3 teaspoons. It’s also great on this Garlic Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Tomatoes with Balsamic Glaze.

You can always just go with a simple balsamic vinegar as well. Great flavor and no calories!

Favorite No-Oil WFPB “Cheese” Dip

no-oil wfpb nacho cheese dip

Yes, there is a whole food plant based “cheese” Dip that has NO OIL and is all real food & spice ingredients!

Siete Foods are based out of Austin, TX and these non-dairy nacho cheese dips are the real deal! I’ve even served it at parties and even the omnivores were impressed. It has the perfect nacho-cheese consistency!

I buy it at Whole Foods and it’s located in the refrigerated section near the hummus. It’s the back wall of the Fort Worth location. But you can also find it HERE but it’s much cheaper in the store – less than $5 a jar. You can click to see what the jar looks like to find it easier in Whole Foods.

I love to have it on tacos or with raw veggies. Or its great with some homemade baked tortilla chips! It’s also amazing to make some ultimate nachos with baked tortilla chips, beans, quinoa or brown rice, jalapeños, green onions, guacamole, pico, & nacho cheese sauce. Delish!

Favorite Store-Bought No-Oil Hummus

If you haven’t discovered the Engine 2 products, you MUST! They are available at Whole Foods and on Amazon Fresh for the same price as in store. Engine 2 was created by Rip Esselstyn and he is the son of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. All his products are 100% Whole Food Plant Based No-Oil and taste GREAT!

The hummus has been unavailable on Amazon Fresh, but hopefully they’ll get their stock up soon. It is at Whole Foods. So hopefully if you live close you can pick you up some. It’s located on the back wall in the refrigerated section. They have 2 great flavors – Original and Roasted Red Pepper – both are delicious.

Do you have some delicious no-oil dressing & dip products you have found at the store or online? Post below in the comments to share your find!